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IBS Treatments

The colon is the part of the digestive system which is about five feet long. This connects to the small intestine, the rectum and the anus. The major function o


f the colon is to collect, store and absorb the partially digested food from the small intestine. The movement of the colon is controlled by nerves, hormones and impulses in the colon muscle. The colon construction moves the contents inside the colon toward the rectum. During this passage, water, salt and nutrients are absorbed into the body and what is left over is the stool. If the colon doesn’t move correctly, this results in abdominal pain, cramps, constipation and/or diarrhea.

What causes the abnormal movement of the colon? IBS and IBO are the common disorders for interfering with the normal function of the colon.

IBS is also called ‘irritable bowel syndrome’. As many as 20% of the population are suffering from IBS in the USA. IBS is found more often in women than in men. Abdominal pain, bloating and discomfort are the main symptoms.

IBD is also called ‘intestinal inflammatory bowel syndrome’. IBD includes colitis and Crohn’s disease. The main symptoms are abdominal pain, bloody diarrhea, fatigue, weight loss and poor appetite.

The medical treatment for IBS usually includes antispasmodics for pain, laxatives and fiber supplements for constipation and medication for diarrhea.

The treatment of IBS includes Aminosalicylates, corticosteroids, immunodulators, as well as surgery.

Traditional medicine believes there is no cure for IBS and IBD. The medications are used only for improving symptoms and relieving pain. Some medications have serious side effects.

The Laser acupuncture is a new therapy for colon problems. This new therapy is applied through the combination of Laser and acupuncture. Class 4 laser, the high energy level of laser radiates the acupoints to repair damaged tissue, regenerate cells, reduce inflammation, balance the immune and nervous system. This opens the blocked meridians to increase energy flow and blood to the colon for healing to take place.

I have studied the treatment of IBS & IBO with this new therapy for a few years. The results of this new therapy are very satisfactory. Many patients with IBS and IBO are treated by Laser acupuncture successfully.*



Barbara, 68 year old woman was suffering from colitis for 10 years. She had diarrhea over five times every morning. Bloating and cramps in the lower abdomen. Couldn’t eat any food in the morning. She started her treatment on 11/23/09. Her diarrhea completely stopped after 6 sessions. The pain and discomfort subsided. She started to eat in the morning and received another 6 treatments for maintenance.



Anne, 65 year old woman, suffered from IBS for 11 years. There was abdominal pain, cramps near navel region, nausea, difficulty moving bowels. She received laser treatment 11/24/09. The abdominal pain was reduced after one session. The pain and nausea was free after 8 sessions. The bowel movement is now normal.

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Stephanie W., a 34 year old woman was suffering with Crohn’s disease for 17 years. She had diarrhea over 5 times a day with bloody stools, pus, abdominal pain and discomfort. There were two leaky holes on the colon. She had five surgeries to repair the fistula and they all failed. She wore diapers everyday. She started treatment 12/14/07 and the drainage and discomfort subsided. The diarrhea which was part of her life also subsided after 5 sessions. After 8 sessions, the fistula was completely healed. She was in stable condition until 10/16/09. She saw me again for Crohn’s disease flare up. She was suffering with diarrhea 6 times day with slight blood daily. The diarrhea and bleeding stopped after 3 sessions.

*The above 3 cases are only a few cases among many successful cases. Laser acupuncture for colon problems is a new research field we need to study further.  I am happy to say that I have had much success with this treatment for my patients.

Spinal Laser Treatment

Why Laser Acupuncture can work for Spinal Stenosis and Disc Problems

Spinal Stenosis is the narrowing of the spinal canal and spinal foramen, the spinal nerve exit for this area. When this area becomes narrowed, it places pressure on the surrounding nerve leading to neurological symptoms. Spinal Stenosis is very common in the elderly. The problem could affect neck or back. Disc problems include bulging disc, herniated disc and disc degeneration. All of the disc problems could result in sciatica (pinched nerve) leading to neck and shoulder and back and leg pain.

Dr. Shao treats these problems by using Laser acupuncture combined with Chinese manipulation, Chinese herbs and electrical stimulation. In his 47 years of practice thousands of patients with spinal problems have been treated. Most of them were tremendously improved and avoided surgery after their treatments. They became pain free. They live like normal persons and able to do their daily activities.*

How can the laser acupuncture help these problems?

  • First: Opening the blocked energy meridian to make the vital energy flow smoothly inside. If the energy moves smoothly, one should be free of pain according to Chinese medical theory.

  • Second: Sending messages to the brain stem to raise endorphins and the pain threshold.

  • Third: Enlarging the space of intervertebral disc and spine for me to relieve the pinched nerve.

  • Fourth: Reducing the inflammation in the spinal nerve and promoting the blood circulation.

  • Fifth: Repairing damaged tissue by regenerating cells.

* Disclaimer : The laser acupuncture can’t cure the spinal problems, but the problems can be controlled very well. Same as diabetes can’t be cured, but can be controlled. Many of his patients have lived pain free lives for years after using laser acupuncture treatments.


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